After the success of the first Catting for Cancer event held at Shatterford Lakes in 20014 and the amount of anglers wanting to be part of the event but being unable to attend due to limited availability, it was decided another event would be held in 2015. The venue needed to be bigger to accommodate many anglers and arguably one of the best and largest venues in the country that hold Wels Catfish is Furnace lakes in West Sussex.

After meeting the owners of Furnace it was agreed that they would hold the Catting for Cancer 2015 event. They offered a total of 58 pegs over the 4 lakes on site which contain Catfish. They also generously agreed to donate a percentage of the booking fee to the fund raising and sponsored a trophy to be given to the overall winner of the event.

With dates set it was then down to getting posters designed, printed and posted on various websites such as Facebook and tackle shops to promote and advertise the event, many thanks to David J Booth for designing our poster.

With 2015 being larger than 2014 I realised I needed support with organising the event and running our new website which Ricky Graham had fully designed, set up, and purchased the domain name, as his contribution to the event. Thank you so much Ricky. After appealing for help on our Facebook page Clive Banyon took up the challenge to contact companies to donations prizes for our raffle and Matt Naylor helped run our newly designed website www.cattingforcancer.co.uk. Many thanks guys, it is very much appreciated.

Many companies within the angling trade were contacted and we received a tremendous response from new and old sponsors, some of this being due to the success of our first event. Companies and people were starting to hear about us, how successful the 2014 event had been and how we were progressing to bigger and better things.

Unfortunately due to limited column space I can not thank our sponsors individually. A Very Big Thank must go out to all the companies that donated and sponsored us, your generosity and support made the event bigger and better for us. If you would like to view our sponsors they can be found on our website on the sponsors page www.cattingforcancer.co.uk

Catting For Cancer is the brainchild of Brian Springthorpe, He wanted to raise money for this nasty indiscriminate disease which will directly affect 1 in 3 people. Without people raising money for cancer charities like Cancer Research finding a cure will take so much longer, to date over the 2 events Brian has raised just over £20,000 for Cancer Research.

The aim of the group is simple, each year we hold a competition fishing for the mighty Wels Catfish. We rely on the generosity of the venue owners who let us have their lakes at a reduced rate per peg. This is then sold to the anglers at the standard rate the venue charges and difference goes towards the target we set ourselves. The participants are also asked to raise sponsorship for fishing the event which again all goes to our target. We also run a prize raffle where all prizes have been very generously donated to us by various companies wishing to help us out.

In 2014 the first Catting for Cancer event was held at Shatterford lakes. 34 anglers fished this event, our target was £3000 but this was blitzed with us raising an amazing £5585 which was handed over to Annie Mitchell of Cancer Research UK in a pretty emotional presentation.

Originally this idea was just a one off, I never really intended to organise this event again but after the tremendous support shown by all my fellow anglers involved with the event, the amazing amount we finally raised and the comments I received directly afterwards and the pleas I had asking me to do it again I really didn’t have much choice.

Please take a little time to browse through our website, here you will find pictures and details of last years event and up to date details of this years.

If you are interested in wanting to get involved some way whether it be actually fishing the event itself, donating a prize for the raffle or just donating please contact me on any of the details in the contact us details. We also have a dedicated Facebook page www.Facebook/Cattingforcancer please come and join us and become one of the team.

Our aim is simple, to raise as much money as we possibly can for Cancer research UK, join us and help fight Cancer

United we will beat Cancer

Many thanks
Brian Springthorpe
Event founder

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